Our Team:

Michelle and David Stringer, managers

About Michelle and David:

We are avid music lovers – as in festivals, concerts, small venues – as in we get into bands: MoonTaxi, Black Keys, ColdPlay, New Kids on the Block (old school), The Hip Abduction, Van Halen, the range is vast and diverse. We usually have music playing in the house, the car, at the office. Music is deep for us – part of our DNA.

My (Michelle) professional career as a technical writer, project manager and global mobility specialist for 15 years, give me the ideal skill set to manage logistics, bookings and overall band management. I am extremely organized, love to research and be creative. I am articulate, very driven, a dancer at heart and a naturally talented cook. (To which my husband will gladly a test).

My husband, David is a business owner and entrepreneur in the automotive software industry. In 1999, he founded what is today Insignia Group – a successful, profitable company employing more than 30 people in Rock Hill. He loves marketing, sales and being creative with building business models. He has a strong track record for what it takes to make money and build something that lasts.

On paper, we are not your typical music managers. So why the heck have we started 768 Productions? Like most blessings – it just found us! Our love of music runs through our household. Our family fell in love with The Ries Brothers. We all saw them for the first time at my cousins’ rock concert…oh yeah forgot to mention that our family is ridiculously talented:  on screen, on TV and on stage…but enough about them…back to us.

In the beginning of 2017, we had the opportunity to consult with the Ries Brothers about their direction, album and tours/festivals. It was a thrill and we decided to launch 768 as a new venture.

Our focus is “enterprise” development – building a lasting brand and business model around your musical endeavours.

Michelle handles talent buying for venue, logistics, planning, research, merchandise, event coordination, press relations, and media.

David handles the business functions: contracts, accounting, negotiations and overall “enterprise” development.

Our Team:

We have a little bit different take on music management than the typical management company. Our focus is “enterprise” development – building a lasting brand and business model around each artist, band or venue. Always growing to the next level.

What we have learned in business is that you really can’t go to the next level and survive if you haven’t built a foundation around you. Until you hone your product and understand how to sell it, you will be just another group, band or venue “chasing the dream.”

We’d love to hear from you and what challenges you face – maybe we can help…