Wild Root Music signs with 768 Productions

Paul Fournier and Wild Root Music, hailing from Bradenton, FL sign a booking agent agreement with 768 Productions.

Wild Root is Hard Soul – a fusion of Soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz and Rock. Led by frontman Paul Fournier, the Bradenton, FL based Wild Root is an inspired blend of blues guitar lickes, funk beats and sharp vocals. Shows consist of solid originals and covers that connect with audiences creating new versions that adapt to getting people on their feet.

Fournier is taking Wild Root on the road to create collaborative shows with local musicians and develop original video content for the social media world. Adding new dimensions of engagement for local shows and venues, Fournier and Wild Root seek to draw new and expanding audiences.

As the creator and songwriter for Wild Root originals, Fournier is the driving force, inviting different musicians to share in live performances on tour and in the studio. “This creates something that is fresh and always growing and never forgets its roots,” says Fournier.

Wild Root will be on tour throughout 2018 and producing new original songs and video content. See all Wild Root’s content channels and tour stops:

EPK | Web | YouTube Channel | Instagram | ReverbNation


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