Revelry Soul Announces Debut EP Bad Sign, Recorded in Muscle Shoals, Release Show at Historic Sylvia Theater

Revelry Soul, a 4-piece Soul Rock, Alternative, Blues band announces the digital release of their debut EP Bad Sign, September 7, 2018. The band is celebrating the release with a ticketed show at the historic Sylvia Theater in York, SC on September 29, 2018.


In the Hebrew story of Moses, his parents face an impossible situation. Facing certain death, his mother does the ultimate in parenting decisions and send him down the river, hoping that by some chance he will be saved and given life – not just a “better life” – literally life. As a parent myself, IContinue reading “SET YOUR BABY FREE”

Begley joins The Anton Laplume Band

Billy Begley (keys/synth) is a newly added member who brings bold and creative ideas to the band’s catalog. He brings a traditional touch with his classical piano upbringing and provides a modern electronic improvisational flair with his jamtronica and subtractive synthesis background. As a founding member of Lucky Costello, a Jacksonville band touring across theContinue reading “Begley joins The Anton Laplume Band”

The Anton Laplume Band signs with 768 Productions, developing new music and touring through 2017

The Anton Laplume Band is a deep-groove, rock, soul and funk group formed and based in Jacksonville, FL. The four-piece band brings together various backgrounds from funk, electronic, blues and rock to capture, elevate, and move audiences. The band is producing new music, building towards a new EP release for late 2017. The Anton LaplumeContinue reading “The Anton Laplume Band signs with 768 Productions, developing new music and touring through 2017”

Review: Shaky Knees 2017

We love Shaky Knees – for many reasons: Great location, great setup, great spectrum of music. This was our third Shaky Knees out of its five years existence. This year the festival returned to Centennial Park, in the heart of downtown Atlanta, and the festival has hit its stride in overall experience. First, the locationContinue reading “Review: Shaky Knees 2017”

Review: Evening Muse hosts Sean Rowe: Leaving something behind

Sean Rowe is to music what a anti-superhero would be. Supernatural powers of a baritone voice that pulls from the foundations of the universe and the curse of fighting against the trappings of the music business that have left him worn, unwilling to given in and resolute ‘to the road less traveled,’ as he explains in his FaceBook bio.