Revelry Soul signs with 768

Revelry Soul, with a Soul Rock, Alternative, Blues sound from Rock Hill, SC, has signed a management agreement with 768 Productions.

“We are ready to go to the next level,” says band leader Gary Baker, Jr. “With our expected debut of our EP in 2018 and our desire to tour more, we are looking to grow as a band and as serious musicians.”

With Baker Jr. on drums, the band grabs attention with Josh Hamilton’s gritty classic-rock voice. Mitch Kelly matches talent with Hamilton’s vocals on lead guitar. Ben Smyth fills out the bands sound on base and newest member, Mathew Harnage, provides keys and back up guitar.

The band is approaching three years together and currently working on a 6 song EP slated to release in Summer 2018.

“We have such a strong fanbase in Rock Hill,” says Baker Jr. “We appreciate our fans so much and look forward to growing that throughout the SC and NC markets.”

The band recently opened for Michael Tracy at the Underground in Charlotte, where they filmed three of their original songs: “Working Man,” “Collide,” and “Gypsy Soul.”

More on Revelry Soul can be found on their web site; Facebook; and Instagram

McHales signs with 768 to bring regional bands to Main St.

For more than 20 years, Brendan Kuhlkin, owner and operator of McHales on Main has been promoting and featuring music on Main St. in Rock Hill, SC. In additional to many local artist, McHales’ audiences have seen quite a few up and coming names like: Sun Dried Vibes; Truckstop Preachers; and TreeHouse.

Kuhlkin signed with 768 Productions to seek out and add more regional bands for Saturday appearances.

“This is a great spot for many of our local bands and we will always feature local talent,” says Kuhlkin. “We also see an opportunity with the growth in Rock Hill and especially here in Old Town to make this a top stop for regional acts coming through Charlotte.”

Kuhlkin is right and the timing is perfect. In additional to 139 Main condominiums that opened in 2016, another set of 108 apartments called The Anderson on Main Street are set to open just a few doors down in the spring of 2018. Old Town Rock Hill is bursting at into a vibrant destination for food, drink and lots of music.

McHales itself features an iconic set-up made for putting bands close to audiences. The stage is just inside the doors and is backed by a huge store-front window on Main St.


768 will be booking bands starting at the end of December and through 2018. See the venue contact page on our website.

“Our goal is to add to the Charlotte area music scene and provide another outlet for emerging bands in the Carolinas and beyond,” says owner manager Michelle Stringer. “Working with venues like McHales is a win-win to help us continue building sustainable businesses out of music acts.”